The Bible - Nick King

"Nicholas King has succeeded in putting into English something of the raw power that the first Christians experienced when they heard or read these documents..."

- Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster

"The translation hits you between the eyes and certainly makes you sit up and take notice, waking you from the torpor of overfamiliarity with the text... Amazing new insights and understanding come to light."

- Desmond Tutu, Former Archbishop of Capetown

Nicholas King's The Bible

Now under one cover, Nicholas King's translations have been compiled into a single complete study bible.

Translated from the original Greek and includes the texts often referred to as the Apocrypha. Nicholas King’s aim has been to keep as close to the original Greek as possible, frequently incorporating idiomatic or grammatical peculiarities.The result is a translation which is exceptionally stimulating and sometimes startling. Readers will find that it shakes off the dust which often settles on passages that have become tired from over familiarity or frequent quotation.

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The Bible contains the text from all of these translations by Nicholas King:

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