How to use the Kevin Mayhew website


Searching for products

There are several thousand products listed on our website and we have provided a number of different ways to guide you to the item(s) you are looking for.

Simple Search

1. The most straight-forward way to search is to type one of the following into the ‘Search’ box towards the top of the page:

  • the exact name or title of a product (if known) e.g red hot recorder
  • a key word  
  • the product code (if known)
  • an author/composer name  

2. Press the Search button and a list of matching items will be displayed.

3. Click on the thumbnail or title of the item you are interested in and you will be taken to a page showing a full description, price and other details.

4. To buy the item, click Add to basket (see 'Making your on-line purchase' below).

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search facility allows you to search the site using a number of criteria.

1. Click on the  Advanced Search link in the footer of the site.

2.  Fill in one or more required fields to match your search.

3. Press the orange  Search button and a list of products will be displayed.

4. Click on the thumbnail or title of the item you are interested in and you will be taken to a page showing a full description, price and other details.

5. To buy the item, click Add to basket (see 'Making your on-line purchase' below).

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact our sales team on 01449 738 839 or fill out our Contact Us Form

Browsing and filter navigation

We have divided all our products into categories, shown towards the top of the page in the blue navigation bar. Each of these contains a number of sub-categories,which will display to the right of the selected category or sub category. You can narrow down your search by moving down the category tree.

We also offer a Browse navigation menu on the left hand side of each category which will offer a number of filters to narrow your search.

Making your on-line purchase

1. When you click the Add to basket button on a product the My Cart on the right -hand side of the screen will be updated. This shows the number of items added but does not include any discounts or offers that may be applied at checkout. You will need to view your Cart by clicking the Shopping Cart at the top of the site to view discounted prices.

2. UK and overseas delivery charges for most items will be calculated automatically. You can retrieve a quote in the Basket area. View Delivery and Shipping for further information.

3. If you have a discount code then this should be entered in the Basket area.

4. Once you have finished shopping, click the proceed to checkout button.

5. If you are a new customer you will be asked to complete a short registration form and will then be issued with an email/user name and password to access the secure My Account area of the website. This offers order status tracking,updates and much more. Alternatively you can checkout as a guest.

6. If you are an existing customer, please enter your email/user name and password to log in.

7. At the secure checkout you will be given the options to update your address details and change your order.

8. Once you have checked your order and are happy with it, please enter your credit/debit card details and submit your order.

9. You will be sent an email confirmation and your order will be dispatched to you. If there are any queries, a member of staff will contact you. As a registered customer you can access your account and view order details and history.

If you are having difficulty either finding what you are looking for or placing your order, do not hesitate to call on 01449 738 839 or fill out our Contact Us Form

My Account

  • Login/Logout
    Use the login/logout button at the top of the screen. When you are logged in a personalised welcome message will display with your registered name.
  • Create an account
    Simple registration procedure to create a secure account with Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
  • Request /Create a new Password
    Request a password if you have lost or forgotten it. A password will be emailed to you allowing you to login to your account and change it back to something more memorable.
  • My Orders
  • Orders can be viewed in the My Account>My Orders section of your account.Order status is shown as Pending, Processing, Part Delivered or Complete. Further update messages can be found on the order page itself by clicking View Order.
  • My Wishlist
    My Wishlist allows registered customers to browse our site and add products to a list for future browsing and purchasing without the need to navigate the whole site. You can also email your wishlist to other people from within your My Account>My Wishlist section. 
  • Shop Credit
    Shop credit/Invoice accounts are available for a variety of customers including Schools and Churches. To have a credit account an application needs to be submitted and approved from registered web account. (Please note credit account balances are not currently displayed within the account but is under development)
  • Gift Card - Coming Soon!
    Gift cards will be available to purchase from registered outlets as physical cards or you can purchase an online Gift card here that can be redeemed in the My Account>Gift Card area of the website. An ideal gift!
  • My Tags
    You can request TAGS that we can apply to products.Your TAGS if approved will appear within our TAG cloud enabling you or other users to click the tag and find a product you summarised with a TAG.
  • My Invitations
    Send personal invitations to friends or relatives that you think may like to shop on
  • My Downloadable Products- Coming Soon! MP3 and E-books.
    If you purchase one of our digital download products they will be available for download in this section of your account.

  • Site Features

    We have a number of site features that are designed to improve the visitor and shopping experience as well as interact with Kevin Mayhew Ltd online. Our site features include Live Help, Tag Cloud, Filtered Navigation, Newsletter subscribe, Product Compare,Gift Cards and a customer loyalty scheme. Please view further information on our site features here.

    Thank you for choosing to shop on-line with Kevin Mayhew Ltd.