There are a number of different ways to navigate the website. Below is a summary of each:

Primary Navigation Bar

The Primary Navigation Bar appears on every page of the website and offers a quick method to browse to any product category on the website. Simple hover your mouse cursor over one of the primary categories listed in the bar and a box of subcategories with appear below. If there are any categories further down our categorisation tree then these will appear in a box to the side and this will continue until no further subcategories are available. Simply click your left mouse-button on any category label to load the selected category in your browser window.

Side Menu

To the left-hand side of most pages of the website is our ‘Browse box’. This box contains the title of the current shop category that you are viewing followed by a list of all (if any) subcategories of the current category.

Below the category list and if available will be a list of product filters. These filters are designed to quickly refine the list of products that you are viewing through your preference. Depending on what you are searching for, products have predefined information that you can use specify just what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to replenish your paschal candles you browse to the paschal candles section of the website. You know that your stand fits only 2” candles so you can immediately refine your product list by selecting the 2” filter from the filter side menu. This will reload the page, only showing candles that meet your criteria of a 2” diameter. You can narrow down the product list further by adding more filters to your preferences – say for example you don’t want to spend over £25.00 then you can add that price bracket to your filters and only see 2” diameter candles that are under £25.00.

Your list of active filters is shown above the list of available filters. You can remove any or all of your active filters by clicking the cross next to a specific filter or selecting the link at the bottom of the active filters that clears all filters.

Site Search

If you are looking for a specific product or range of products then you can easily enter the information into the search box to search our product database for results. There are two search methods on; The simple search and the advanced search and both are detailed below:

Simple search: At the top of every page of there is the simple search box. By entering and submitting any information in the simple search box you will search all products for a match with your search. The simple search will compare your search criteria against the following product information: Product Title, Product Author, Product Content List, Product Description, Extra Product Info, Product Code, ISBN, ISMN.

Advanced Search: The Advanced search on offers you far more options in exactly what you are looking for. To use the advanced search click the Advanced search link at the bottom of every page of the website in the page footer. The advanced search page offers a break-down of every product aspect that you can search on beyond the possibilities of the simple search for example collar sizes, colour etc. Simple complete the information on the page that you are interesting in and submit the form to view the results.

As with all search engines on the internet, you can refine and improve on results depending on how you enter your search criteria. If you are searching for all titles written by Sarah Watts on the website, by entering the words Sarah Watts into the search box you will get any products that have the words Sarah and Watts within the product information – which will not be specific to the composer Sarah Watts – there will be song titles with the words Sarah in that will also be returned in your search results for example. If you repeat the search, but encase your search between quotation marks then this tells the website that you are looking for these two words together and as a result “Sarah Watts” will match only products with the words Sarah and Watts next to each other and provide a much more specific and relevant results list.

Tag Cloud

Below the ‘Browse Box’ is’s tag cloud. A tag is a keyword that can be added to a product in the shop by you the customer. A tag can be anything relating to the product that will help you and other shoppers easily identify with the type of product. For example, a school book could be given the tags: “Key Stage 1”, “Primary School”, Resource, “Tutor Book” and Assembly. These keywords or Tags appear in the tag cloud as links – the more popular (the more times the tag is used on different products) the tag, the larger it appears in the tag cloud. If you are a school teacher and are looking specifically for products suitable for the age range that you teach – in this example Key Stage 1 the with a single click on the Key Stage 1 link in the tag cloud the page will load with all products that have the Key Stage 1 tag assigned to it.

To find out more information on Tags and how to add your own to a product then please click here.

Subject Block

On the homepage of we have created subject blocks containing the most popular or important subject specific links to categories on the website. Each block is dedicated to a subject and all category links within are relevant to the blocks subject.